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Camera Control

The ability to view your business in real time puts you at ease and assures you, your company is safe. Using IP cameras you can monitor the feed from anyplace in the world. This comes in useful when working with multiple branches or checking in while away in business trips.


Multiple System Integration

Combining all system controlling multiple electronic devices together into one main control application that function as the “brain” of the company.


Wireless Network

While many electronics can be cabled, we put all your controls into wireless application providing easy access from anywhere in the world.


Business Automation Integration

Today’s smart automation not only allow you to wirelessly control features such as thermostats, security, lighting, motorized window treatments, and audio visual systems, they also allow you to program how your business should adjust to your needs. With smart business automation, you can control your company from anywhere in the world.

Wireless Networks

In today’s world we’re rarely without our phones and tablets. We use our wireless devices for communication, knowledge, entertainment, and now they can be used for control. While many electronics can be cabled, we put all your controls into wireless application providing easy access from anywhere in the world.

Integrated Audio/Video

Music is no longer defined by a location. Distributed audio has done for music what cell phones have done for telephone calls. With a system tailored to your listening pleasure and needs, you can have your favourite music anywhere in your company playing through the speakers you want.

Door locks

We understand you want to control who is entering / leaving business. You can monitor and grant access to gates and doors from anywhere in the world. With keyless locks you can program individual codes for specific users, deleting a user at any time.

Automated Blinds

Protect your equipment, furniture, and floors from excessive UV rays, save on heating and cooling, increase privacy and enhance your décor with motorizes shades, drapes, and blinds. Using home automation you can control multiple treatments with a single button, opening or closing all of the shades at once.

Lighting Control

Achieving elegance has never been so easy. Using dimmers and stylish keypads, you can set the room to your optimal lighting preference. Lighting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create ambiance on any budget. Through the use of dimmers, you can add mood lighting while reducing your energy intake.