Epic Luxury Tech | Beoplay H2
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Sound tuned for
life on the move

Beoplay H2

Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound
Enjoy an honest and passionate sound experience – H2 features Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound that brings you music the way the artist intended it.


Lightweight and genuine. Wear all day. With genuine lambskin on the ear cushions and a composite structure, the materials used for H2 ensure minimum weight and maximum comfort – for long term wear.


Full flexibility Detachable and interchangeable Beoplay H2 offers easy controls from the cord and gives you the option of a short cord for when you’re active or a long cord for when you want to relax.

Made for fashion

Sleek, adaptive ergonomics


Ultra-flexible, on-ear headphones designed to complement an active lifestyle and to be worn effortlessly all day long.

Hassle free control

3 buttons and microphone


An inline remote and microphone gives you control of your music and calls straight from the cord – all easy and hassle free.

To buy the products, please contact us, via
email sales@epicluxurytech.com or call 778-655-2255 to place an order